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Portable Fire Extinguishers

Commercial grade, portable fire extinguishers not only save your business from disaster, but save you money over the small "disposable" fire extinguishers commonly sold at retail stores.  These solidly built extinguishers are made to maintain and recharge as needed year after year.  


Fire Guard not only sells these high quality extinguishers, but inspects, recharges, tests and maintains them for decades of use, extending your initial investment in your property far beyond that of the one-and-done of plastic  mechanism extinguishers.  


Commercial operations are required by law to have adequate fire suppression coverage of their premises, and investing in quality built portables not only reduces your worry, but will also reduce your insurance costs.


Annual Inspections

fire ext ticketed.png

If your fire extinguishers do not have current inspection tags less than one year old, give Fire Guard a call.  We will come to your business to inspect and tag all your extinguishers.  

We will also review the age and maintenance schedules for each extinguishers, take a current inventory as well as give you coverage and extinguisher placement advice.

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